NETivism 2010 retrospective?

Dries Buytaert - Acquia 2010 retrospective

Our business grew by more than 400% and we went from 35 to 80 full-time employees. Drupal Gardens grew from 0 to 30,000 sites, we added over 100 large hosting customers to Acquia Hosting, and our subscription business has over 600 customers. Our client advisors solved more than 6,000 support tickets, and our hosting team now manages 500+ servers, up from 100 servers at the beginning of the year. Together with our partners, we hosted more than 40 webinars in 2010.

當然啦,跟 Acquia 相比,雖然有雞肋比雞腿之疑慮,不過呢,我們也在 2011/1/12,今年台灣最冷的一天,到真的超冷的八里蛙咖啡,回顧與展望。

會中我引用了,應該是去年我最喜歡的一個演講,Tim O'Reilly 在 OSCON 2010 的 Thinking Hard About the Future,算是對彼此的勉勵吧。