Open Data & Drupal - 世界銀行

美國白宮的部落格四月底發表了一篇部落格文章,The World Bank Frees Its Data,提到世界銀行網站開放了許多的資料(當然,不包括台灣...):

In an exciting advance for the global data transparency movement, the World Bank today launched its Open Data Initiative, releasing more than 2000 data sets that document human development worldwide, including health, business, finance, environment, and social welfare statistics.

這網站背後是知名的 Drupal 開發團隊 DevelopmentSeed,採用許多進階的技術與開放標準/服務:

This site shows what can be done with off the shelf Drupal modules like Features, Context, and Views 3, and open source visualization tools like OpenLayers and Flot (there's no Flash anywhere). It's running Pressflow for performance, and is deployed on a high availability cloud hosting infrastructure.